Kata Platform 2.5 : Better Platform for Better Chatbots

Kata Platform 2.5 : Better Platform for Better Chatbots

Product Update
Lia Lestari on 3 August 2018

We are very excited to announce and present the newest version of our chatbot development platform, Kata Platform 2.5 


After releasing Kata Bot Platform publicly in December 2017, we had a great time working with the developer community by enabling them to make great chatbots. We are excited by all the support, and we have received a lot of great feedback on how the platform can be better. We listened to this feedback to make sure you can find everything you need to build your chatbots with our AI technology and NLP, with more powerful development tools, and packaged in a more user-friendly interface. 


So, here it is!


Kata Platform 2.5_Kata.ai



In this latest version, we’ve integrated new features to provide you with all the keys to build a bot! Here are some new features from Kata Platform 2.5 that you should check out:


  • Better UI/UX 

More user-friendly interface that enables you to build your bot faster. Now the platform has card design patterns that are used for the NLUs, Methods, Deployments and many more so you have better visibility of all the things you have in the platform. We also have drawers in our UI that “pops out”  for creating, editing, and updating your bot so you wouldn’t lose context of what you’re doing.  


  • Bot templates 

Don’t know how to start or maybe you need inspiration for building your chatbots? Fear not! We now have a lot of chatbot templates that you can easily edit and use, or you can use them as a starting point for your chatbot development.

  1. API Bot: Learn how to make a bot that can integrate with third-party API. For example, creating a bot that can connect to a Maps API so it can tell you locations and directions.
  2. Button Bot: Text-only chatbots look boring? Don’t worry, with this template you can make a bot that the users can interact with through buttons. 
  3. Shopping Bot: Our famous Pizza Bot is now available for anyone. This template can help you make chatbots that can be used for transactions and commerce.


  • Rich and helpful documentation 

Discover a new section with a comprehensive set of tutorials, information, and guide to accompany you in your bot building. 



  • Easier to track errors

With our new Error Log, you can find what went wrong if there’s a bug in your chatbots, enabling you to fix it faster during bot development. 



With the updates in this version, the process of building your chatbots will be easier with a better experience and better understanding. It features an easy-to-use self-serve bot building platform, so you don’t need to create the tech infrastructure from the scratch. Last but not least, you can deploy it across messaging apps of your choice, and get analytics insights from the dashboard. 

Ready to create your first chatbot? Try it now at https://platform.kata.ai/

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