White Paper - Chatbot and Omnichannel: Business Solution amid Crisis

White Paper - Chatbot and Omnichannel: Business Solution amid Crisis

White Paper
Marketing Kata.ai
Marketing Kata.ai on 24 May 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic, a global health crisis with an unprecedented scale that affected almost all aspects of our economic and social life, has been going on for more than a year. The pandemic has also influenced the business world significantly, with social restriction massively hampering productivity and massive layoffs affecting workers across industries.


For example, the capacity limitations enforced on retail businesses have caused customers’ behavior to change,  setting off a “digital shift “ where 63% of shoppers now prefer to shop online instead. This shift is also forecasted to be a long-term change, as 86% of online shoppers said that they would continue to shop online even after the pandemic ends.


To overcome the challenges, businesses in all industries must revamp their strategies to ensure that they will not only survive but thrive during the crisis. Particularly, businesses are strongly advised to look into digital solutions that can not only help their company grow more efficiently but also save on unnecessary costs.


As the leading conversational AI innovator in Indonesia, Kata.ai wants to present solutions that could help solve current business problems and examine how our chatbot and omnichannel dashboard solution can help businesses increase their productivity and profitability during this crisis.


Related to the pandemic, a survey shows that companies that have implemented a chatbot solution saw a general increase in usage during the pandemic, jumping to around 32% from 24% in 2018. This serves as one evidence of how customers are now preferring to interact with businesses digitally, especially with a chatbot that can provide instant response to user interactions.


In our latest white paper, we explore more on how the pandemic has transformed the business climate. We also discussed many digital transformation potentials for businesses presented by this pandemic, as well as how the use of modern technology such as chatbots and omnichannel dashboards can benefit businesses and help them survive and thrive during the pandemic.


Who should read this white paper?

  • Product Heads: Planning to implement chatbot and/or omnichannel dashboard solutions for customer care.
  • Customer Support Heads: Looking to understand how chatbot and/or omnichannel dashboards can reduce cost and help manage conversations more efficiently.
  • Sales or Marketing Heads: Looking to understand how chatbot solutions can help you engage prospective customers and how to easily manage them with an omnichannel dashboard solution.
  • Innovation Officers: Looking to understand how chatbot and omnichannel dashboards can transform the customer experience that your brand delivers.
  • Business Owners and C-Level Executives: Looking to implement digital solutions for their business plan.


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