Conversational AI Technology for Indonesia’s Digital Economy

Conversational AI Technology for Indonesia’s Digital Economy

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Muhammad Sodik
Muhammad Sodik on 17 February 2020

Digital economy penetration in Indonesia has rapidly grown in the last five years. Even some research says that Indonesia’s digital economy is well on track to dominate Southeast Asia as its market value triples to US$ 130 billion by 2025 from US$ 40 billion in 2019, with eCommerce and ride-hailing sectors spearheading the growth. This growth is also supported by the presence of several new technologies in various industrial sectors, one of which is conversational AI technology. This kind of technology provides an attractive opportunity for enterprises in Indonesia to offer an excellent customer experience that will drive an additional stream of revenue.

As the leading conversational AI company in Indonesia, has a focus on developing technology and products to understand the human conversation, enabling better and more productive interactions between humans and machines. Our technology has been used to create virtual assistants (text and speech) for major corporations in Indonesia across different industries, including FMCG, Telecommunication, Banking & Financial Service, Retail, Commerce, and Healthcare.


The result shows the conversational AI technology that we developed for our clients managed in reducing 90% the workload of customer service agents, increase 6x return of investment (ROI) for the conversion of online marketing strategies to offline, and increase sales up to 30x from automation and personalized offers.

To gain complete insight, you can read our first white paper. This white paper is’s comprehensive guide for brands to understand what a Conversational AI is, and the specific capabilities of this technology have that make them valuable for enterprise nowadays.

Who should read this white paper?

  • Product Heads: planning to implement a conversational AI solution for customer care.
  • Customer Support Heads: looking to understand how conversational AI can reduce cost and scale teams efficiently.
  • Sales or Marketing Heads: looking to understand how conversational AI can help you engage and convert prospective customers.
  • Innovation Officers: looking to understand how conversational AI can transform the customer experience that your brand delivers.

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