WhatsApp Business API and Multichannel Dashboard

WhatsApp Business API and Multichannel Dashboard

Product Update
Lia Lestari on 2 April 2019

In today’s omnichannel world of texts, chat, posts, and tweets, customers increasingly want to interact with businesses the same way they connect with their family and friends. It turns out that messaging app like WhatsApp are taking the lead as the preferred communication channels in use today. In fact, Dimensions Data study reveals that nine out of ten customers would prefer using messaging to communicate with brands, and according to Nielsen 56% of them would rather message customer service than speaking on the phone. That is why, progressive businesses are excited about the potential of WhatsApp Business API


As one of WhatsApp official partners, we offer WhatsApp Business API solution for your company. Enabling your brand to have a smart way to safely and reliably manage conversation with customers over WhatsApp at scale. More importantly, with this solution your company can send appointment reminders, shipping alerts, order notifications, verification codes, boarding passes, and two-way customer surveys and support messages. Furthermore, this WhatsApp solution also could be linked with our conversational AI, enabling your WhatsApp number to be automatically answered by a chatbot to handle customer complaints, solve customer needs, or other inquiry. For some cases where the request needs to be handled by a Customer Service agent, the chatbot can seamlessly transfer the chat to an agent through the dashboard.




The real impact of our WhatsApp Business API solution lies in how fast, simple, reliable, and fluid it can be when it comes to messaging. It helps your company to improve customer experience, streamline customer care operational, and reduce cost to serve. Especially if your business has to struggle to provide a quick response. The good news is, WhatsApp Business API is tied directly into a single phone number rather than multiple phone numbers. That’s right, with our WhatsApp solution, your company can have one phone number, that can be used by several admins to serve millions of customers. 


Our WhatsApp solution can be integrated with one centralized agent dashboard from Qiscus to provide personalized customer service. This dashboard can help businesses to integrate your customer service chat platform including WhatsApp into one dashboard. Making service management and monitoring easier for the customer support team. 





As one of partners, Qiscus provides a multichannel customer service chat solution that can answer all business needs. Their solution does not only provide the connectivity of messaging apps, but also to add new value from a prior system such as customer service performance and chat system. On the technical front, just by integrating your WhatsApp Business profile to Qiscus dashboard, your customer service agents can receive chats directly from the customers and reply it directly in one dashboard, it can even be accessed by several customer service agents, they can mark their chat lists as solved or pending resolution. 


By adopting our WhatsApp Business solution and this multi-channel dashboard your company can ease the process of responding to customers by centralizing inbound chats into a single platform. All is done in real time, saving both customers and companies time and money. While at the same time boost your brand experience and credibility.


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