Handbook - The Ultimate Guide to Build a Great Chatbot for Leads Generation

Handbook - The Ultimate Guide to Build a Great Chatbot for Leads Generation

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Marketing Kata.ai
Marketing Kata.ai on 2 September 2022

Today's chatbots have been applied in various aspects of businesses and have provided tangible results. With the advancements in conversational technology, businesses began using the solution for various use cases, including using chatbots for marketing purposes such as running campaigns, providing unique offerings, and retargeting and reselling to prospects and existing customers. 


One of them is proven to be able to increase lead generation so that it can increase sales. With the sophistication of artificial intelligence technology, chatbots can handle various lead generation inquiries. Chatbots proactively guide site visitors through your sales funnel by appealing to their pain points, making recommendations, getting them on your email list, helping nurture the customer over time, and carrying out the lead qualification process. Chatbots help capture the attention of visitors at the most crucial moments. Surprisingly, chatbots are not only a communication service with customers in real-time and without restrictions, but chatbots can do much more than that.


Are you interested to know how to build a great chatbot for lead generation? We are delving deep into what you need to prepare for setting up your first lead generation chatbot and the examples of chatbots for marketing use cases that can get you started to improve your lead generation with our solution.


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