The Important Role and How Help Desk Works for Customers

The Important Role and How Help Desk Works for Customers

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Marketing on 6 January 2022

There are lots of tools that a business person can use to simplify work operations. In addition, customer satisfaction is number one. One of the tools that can help you make your work easier while increasing customer satisfaction is Help Desk. With Help Desk, customers can quickly identify and use the features that you offer, mainly if you use digital devices actively in your business.


This article will further discuss what a Help Desk is, its roles and tasks, how it works, and the differences between a Help Desk and Customer Service. So come on, see the explanation!


What is a Help Desk?

Before knowing more about the role of the Help Desk for customers, it's a good idea to understand what a Help Desk is. Like a signboard, Help Desk is a feature generally found in the corner of a company's website page.


This feature serves to answer various problems or problems that occur to customers and answer customer ignorance about the products you offer on the website. Help Desk is part of the service function in a system.


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According to an expert named Wooten (2001) revealed that "Help Desk is a formal organization that provides a support function to users of the companies products, services, or technology." Therefore, the Help Desk is a part of a formal organization that provides support functions to customers of the company's products, services or services, or technology.


In this case, the Help Desk is here to help and provide full service to customers. The Help Desk system is generally in answers to customer complaints and questions in email, telephone, and chatbots (message replying robots).


With the Help Desk feature on your website, all customer needs and Help Desk can handle complaints better. In addition, it directly impacts the company's sustainability in the future. Especially in the digital era like today, customer satisfaction dramatically affects the company's business performance. Customer dissatisfaction, of course, can threaten the reputation and future of the company.


Currently, the Help Desk use is not limited to companies engaged in IT. With the increasingly massive digitization, the Help Desk is widely used by various start-ups, large companies, and even multinational companies to provide the best service performance for users.


Help Desk Roles and Duties

After understanding what a Help Desk is and its function in supporting the company, you need to know about the role and duties of the Help desk. The main tasks of the Help Desk include:

  • Recording and submitting a problem experienced by the customer so that existing procedures can resolve the issue.
  • Make specific reports of problems that have been overcome in the form of recapitulation.
  • Handle and resolve problems from multiple user accounts or company members.

Judging from its role, the Help Desk has a vital function as a problem solver or customer problem-solving. Companies that use the Help Desk feature in their business have the following advantages or advantages:

  • From an organizational perspective, companies can examine various issues and manage company management more neatly and systematically
  • In terms of time, the Help Desk's presence can help companies answer questions and solve customer problems more efficiently.
  • In terms of satisfaction, the company is better able to create customer satisfaction to increase the company's rating.

How the Help Desk Works

In carrying out its roles and functions, the Help Desk has a flow or working method that can be illustrated as follows:

  1. Front End (User)

    Customers encounter problems with products or services offered by the company and have issues using specific programs. Then they asked the company through the Help Desk, hoping that Help Desk would answer their questions and resolve the problem soon.
  1. Help Desk

    The Help Desk then responds to customer complaints by providing certain information. If the problem is severe, the Help Desk will forward the message to a specialist or back end.
  1. Back End (Specialist)

    After arriving at the Back End, customer problems that are classified as complex will be resolved. Later answers will be forwarded and delivered to customers via the Help Desk (chatbot, email, or WhatsApp).


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Difference between Help Desk and Customer Service

Compared to the Help Desk, the Customer Service feature is known to more people, and this is because Customer Service already exists before the Help Desk. So if you already have Customer Service in your business, do you still need to use the Help Desk feature?


The answer is yes because the Help Desk and Customer Service are two different things. The difference between Help Desk and Customer Service lies in problem-solving. If the Help Desk handles customer problems reactively, Customer Service has a proactive nature in dealing with issues. In addition, the Help Desk only focuses on solving problems, while Customer Service has the responsibility to minimize the recurrence of the issues.


The next difference lies in the IT operations themselves. For example, the Help Desk is often thought of as an Add-on to IT services (a subset of service desks). Meanwhile, Customer Service is considered a core part of the IT Support ecosystem.


IT Help Desk Jobs and Salaries

In carrying out the Help Desk function on the company website, you need an IT Help Desk technician. The role of the Help Desk is quite vital, so IT Help Desk technicians must be competent in their fields.


The task of technical support, in general, is to be fully responsible for various forms of installation, evaluation, and performance improvement on three main IT objects, namely computers (hardware), software, and development of network systems. Specifically, however, a Help Desk technician has a slightly different job.


Job description IT Help Desk has a more specific scope. IT Help Desk is one of the specialties of Technical Support. In general, the IT Help Desk job desk is responsible for technical matters related to computer systems, hardware, and software directly related to responding to and handling system problems or user complaints quickly and efficiently.


An IT Help Desk usually requires various operating programs in carrying out his work. Some operating software programs useful for an IT Help Desk include Open Ticket Support (OTS), Freshdesk, Tivoli Service Desk, Spiceworks, and several other Help Desk plugins that can be found on CMS such as ZenDesk. Jobs as an IT Help Desk are in great demand in the digital era today, with an average salary of IDR 3.9 million to IDR 4.5 million.


That's a full review of the critical role and how the Help Desk works for customers that you need to know. With the Help Desk feature, either in email replies or chatbots on your website, customers can easily find answers to problems that occur. In addition, the website is also more user-friendly when used when there is a Help Desk feature. But, of course, this affects the level of satisfaction and the company's rating in customers' eyes. So come on, find out more about the Help Desk feature for websites at


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