Kata.ai CMO and Co-Founder Reynir Fauzan invited Putra Perdana, Head of Content Studio at Ogilvy Indonesia, and Agung Bezharie, CEO and Co-Founder of Warung Pintar to discuss preparing brand engagement in digital commerce for the first panel discussion of Kata.ai's AI Executive Talks event.

Preparing Brand Engagement in Digital Commerce

Moch. Fiqih Prawira Adjie on 27 April 2021

Current digital technology presents more and more ways for consumers to engage with businesses, such as communicating problems with products and getting responses to customer support requests. However, with more customer requests and questions from customers coming in, companies had been looking for a better way to respond to them in a timely manner.


Conversational AI can be a perfect solution for dealing with increased requests for customer support, as it can help automate simple customer interactions so companies can better allocate resources to more complex matters.


Want to learn more about how conversational AI solutions have helped optimize brand engagement? On the first panel discussion session of our recent AI Executive Talks event, we invited:

  1. Reynir Fauzan - CMO and Co-founder of Kata.ai 
  2. Putra Perdana - Head of Content Studio at Ogilvy Indonesia
  3. Agung Bezharie - CEO & Co-founder of Warung Pintar 


Where they discuss how conversational AI solutions can help improve business operation for FMCG companies.


You can watch the full panel discussion by filling out the form below:



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