Kata Conversational Suite: Chatbot Solutions for Your Business Needs

Kata Conversational Suite: Chatbot Solutions for Your Business Needs

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Moch. Fiqih Prawira Adjie
Moch. Fiqih Prawira Adjie on 27 January 2021

This year, many have predicted that chatbot utilization would continue to increase in many businesses across various industry verticals. This was in line with the country's digital transformation progress as companies began adopting more advanced technologies. In Indonesia, we can already see retail companies using chatbots for various use cases, from giving tailored recommendations to customers to analyzing and handling text queries.


Outgrow predicted that this year, 80% of businesses will start integrating and using automation systems with chatbots, which is expected to save up to 30% percent of their operating cost. The high interest in implementing chatbots is also driven by consumer preferences, where 50% of them expect to be able to reach businesses 24/7 and prefer to contact companies by chat rather than calls or emails, according to surveys curated by Oracle.


Maybe you are one of the many businesspeople interested in getting started with chatbots but have yet to found the right solution that suits your needs? Let's look at this summarized showcase of Kata Conversational Suite, an integrated solution from Kata.ai that can help you quickly build your own smart chatbot for various use cases.


Kata Conversational Suite


Kata Conversational Suite is Kata.ai's one-stop solution for a great conversational experience, including all you need to build a smart chatbot for your business.


As an all-in-one chatbot solution designed with enterprises in mind, Kata Conversational Suite is a perfect solution for you looking to build your own chatbot with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities, including answering FAQs, engage in small talks, and promoting customer loyalty programs.


Kata Conversational Suite is powered by the leading NLP technology for Bahasa Indonesia and also supports English. Our solution suite is designed to facilitate many of your business operations, from customer service to marketing engagement.


Our chatbot solution will also help you deliver the best and most personalized conversational experience to your customers through popular platforms, such as WhatsApp Business, LINE Messenger, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.


Kata Conversational Suite has six main products, namely Kata Flow, Kata NL, Kata CMS, Kata Boost, Kata Omnichat, and Kata Voice


Want to know more about what Kata Conversational Suite has to offer for your business? We have summarized the main features and benefits of six of Kata Conversational Suite products below.



Kata Flow


Create a natural interaction flow for your smart chatbot with Kata Flow


Kata Flow is one of the Kata Conversational Suite flagship products that will get you started with designing and managing how your chatbot interacts with your customers. With Kata Flow, you can create natural conversation flows for your chatbot in no time with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, in addition to easy and interactive dialogue management.


Kata Flow also provides an extensive collection of modules that can be immediately used to make your chatbot smarter without the need to code complex functionalities. These features will ensure you can customize the flow of your chatbot's conversations in no time.



Kata NL


Create you own natural language (NL) model for your chatbot and gain valuable insight from your conversations with Kata NL


Kata NL ensures that your chatbots can effortlessly understand and interact with your customers with the best NLP in Bahasa Indonesia and support for the English language.


With Kata NL, you can create your own NL model for your own chatbot, so your chatbot can better understand conversations and intents based on your business line.


The Super Model feature built into Kata NL can also detect and identify up to 13 kinds of entities and conduct data training swiftly with a lot of datasets. You can immediately start using the Super Model feature without needing to perform any data training.


In addition, our team is currently developing a Style Transfer Informa-Formal (STIF) algorithm to help chatbots identify conversations in many kinds and styles of languages, including foreign languages, slang, traditional languages, coupled with the ability to recognize and understand typos.



Kata CMS


Create a content management system dashboard and manage all contents on your chatbot with Kata CMS


Kata CMS from Kata Conversational Suite can help you create and manage various content for your chatbot easily by creating your own content management system dashboard.


Kata CMS makes it easy for you to organize, track, and monitor all content modifications and updates made by your agent team based on changelogs. So you can see the revised list at once for more effective team collaboration in the CMS Kata dashboard.



Kata Omnichat


Manage all your conversations across multiple channel, such as WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, in a single dashboard with Kata Omnichat, Kata.ai's omnichannel solution.


Recently, "omnichannel" has become a popular term, especially when discussing customer service operations and strategy. Seeing the challenges and opportunities from omnichannel customer service, we developed Kata Omnichat, the perfect solution to make managing conversations on multiple channels easier with one centralized dashboard.


With Kata Omnichat, you can manage and respond to conversations with your customers on chat platforms, websites, applications, or emails with one centralized dashboard. So you do not have to manually switch from one channel to another to respond to messages and inquiries from your customers.


You can also monitor and manage your customer service agents' performance, such as by seeing how many clients they have handled in the Kata Omnichat dashboard. The added feature of Kata Assist in Kata Omnichat can also help your agent sort and classify customer conversation types and provide contextual and appropriate reply recommendations.



Kata Voice


Develop your voice-based chatbot with Kata Voice.


The high frequency of interaction between customers and business through phone calls has inspired us to innovate with Kata Voice, the perfect solution for companies looking to provide a more personalized customer experience and increase engagement with voice-based chatbots.


Kata Voice will convert voice recordings from users to text (speech-to-text) and generate human-like voice messages from texts (text-to-speech) as a reply. 


In addition to integrating the Kata Voice voice-based chatbot with your own application, you can also use the voice chatbot to automate incoming and outgoing calls, including through a public switched telephone network (PSTN).



Kata Boost


Create and run interactive marketing campaigns on your chatbot with Kata Boost.


After you designed and released your chatbot, you can use Kata Boost to launch various interactive marketing campaigns for your customers through your chatbot. 


Kata Boost includes all the necessary features to help you determine your marketing campaigns' goals, target audience, and duration.


After you launch your campaign, Kata Boost will also be able to track and analyze the performance of the campaigns you are running, perform A / B testing to determine what works best to improve your future marketing campaigns.



Our Pricing and Packages


With our flexible pricing plan, you can explore the chatbot products and solution that suit your business best.


To ensure that you can get all your customer service chatbot needs, we provide various packages of Kata Conversational Suite products that can be tailored just for you. You can pick and choose what product you want to use for your business. Find more information about our pricing here.

Still have more questions on how our solutions can help your business? You can get in touch with the experts from our team by filling out the form on our website's Contact Us page. We would be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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