Here’s The Influence of Omnichannel for Your Business Development

Here’s The Influence of Omnichannel for Your Business Development

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Perlita Angelika
Perlita Angelika on 14 January 2022

Entering the digital era as it is today, businesses must keep up with the times to survive and develop more rapidly. One way to create a strategy is to utilize omnichannel marketing technology to optimize online and offline businesses to be well integrated. This way, you can manage your offline business while taking advantage of online platforms to increase sales.


Want to know more about omnichannel marketing and how it affects your business? Check out the following review to understand omnichannel more deeply.


Understanding How Omnichannel Works

Omnichannel is an innovation in information technology that is very useful for companies managing their business. This technology combines all channels or platforms into one channel, making it easy for companies and customers to carry out product purchase transactions such as product searching, buying products, and exchanging or returning products that do not match.


An example of an omnichannel in Indonesia is promotional activities in the digital world that companies carry out to sell and market products to customers. Some digital platforms that companies commonly use to promote products include websites, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and e-commerce platforms. Online product marketing automation is more effective than conventional media in this digital era.


Monitoring and managing the various platforms used in the company's marketing process is certainly not easy. Therefore, omnichannel technology is needed as a solution. In addition, companies only need one person responsible for managing all the digital marketing platforms used by using this technology.


Omnichannel Vs. Multi-Channel

Running a retail business will undoubtedly be quite a challenge in this era. Especially in the era of modern technology like today, of course, retail business players must be able to adapt to existing developments. This means that business people must also pay attention to several essential indicators, such as a management system, knowing consistent consumer behavior and experience, understanding the products being sold, and always providing services easier for customers. This specific strategy becomes a success in a business.


Suppose omnichannel is in charge of combining all channels or platforms into one channel. What is the difference between omnichannel and multichannel in the continuity of a business? Omnichannel combines all channels, so it is different from multi-channel, which means many channels. That is, multi-channel allows business people to run their business using more than one communication channel to increase brand recall. In addition, this will enable customers to access many channels to choose the one that is considered the most convenient and according to their needs.


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7 Influence of Omnichannel for Business Development

From the definition of omnichannel above and how it works, here are some of the effects of using this technology to develop your business strategy.

  1. Integrate Various Platforms Used

Using data and creating an omnichannel strategy can integrate multiple channels or sales channels and platforms. This allows you to manage and monitor sales activity from multiple platforms through just one channel. In addition, this technology will make it easier for you to check total sales, check inventory and perform analysis. In this way, you can manage your business model more quickly and efficiently, increasing company productivity.


  1. Get More Comprehensive Customer Data to Increase Satisfaction

The more platforms or sales channels you use, the more data you can collect. In this way, you can conduct a more detailed analysis to understand customer characteristics, from demographics, behavior, habits to customer preferences.


For example, omnichannel companies in Indonesia that use this marketing strategy can get more comprehensive data because they can access and compare various sales platforms. Having more comprehensive customer data can provide more personalized service to customers. From the security of the data, you can find out customer preferences in the future so that they can provide recommendations according to their preferences.


  1. Determining the Right Marketing Strategy

You can analyze the best marketing strategy for each audience group through omnichannel. For example, you can provide discount coupons for more premium products for customers who often buy one type of product. Apart from being a reward to increase customer loyalty that has been given, this method can also make the margin get higher.


  1. Drive Traffic and Sales

The application of omnichannel marketing technology can also affect product traffic and sales. This technology for businesses makes it easier for customers to buy products more comfortably. Using this technology, customers are given various options and ways to access and purchase goods.


For business people, omnichannel technology will make it easier to see stock availability and access information related to the shopping platforms and products that customers most prefer. In addition, sales will undoubtedly increase for business owners by utilizing constantly updated data and the best service offered to customers.


According to a study conducted by Google and several research institutes, it is stated that 75% of consumers are more likely to visit a store when finding information online through a website. Therefore, through this omnichannel, you increase sales on the online platform and increase the number of visitors to offline stores to provide more significant profits.


  1. Providing a More Memorable Experience to Customers

Customers can improve a memorable shopping experience with various advantages and disadvantages of omnichannel. This technology is created as a sales communication channel centered on customer experience. So don't be surprised if the application of this technology in your business can provide a pleasant shopping experience for consumers.


Consumers have higher expectations for the product shopping experience in this increasingly sophisticated era by buying products on their favorite shopping channels. Through this omnichannel technology, the customer can purchase products through one platform and make payment transactions through other media. For example, consumers can buy products online but pick up goods at the nearest store. This way, customers can have a more memorable shopping experience so that you can build a good personal relationship with them.


  1. Increase Productivity

Using the omnichannel business system in Indonesia can also increase business productivity. If previously you had to manage and monitor sales platforms one by one, by using this technology you can work through only one channel, making it more practical.


Not only that, but the retail omnichannel approach also allows you to serve customers more effectively without taking a long time. With fast service, customer satisfaction will certainly also increase. Increased productivity also will enable you to spend more time focusing on growing your business.


  1. Product Photo Effectiveness

Omnichannel can also make product photo appearance more effective. By maximizing this technology, your business management issues will be more effective and efficient in time, effort and cost. In addition, you only need to use one product photo to be integrated into all sales platforms.


Using an omnichannel application can be one of the best marketing or marketing strategies to develop your business for those currently starting a business. Product promotion activities are more efficient and effective with this technology because they utilize digital platforms such as social media closer to customers.


Running a business in this increasingly sophisticated era must take advantage of technological developments to compete and make the business grow faster. The use of omnichannel technology can be a solution to make the business grow faster in the digital era as it is today, one of which is by using the Kata Omnichat.

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