Handbook - How Chatbots are Transforming Digital Banking

Handbook - How Chatbots are Transforming Digital Banking

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Marketing Kata.ai
Marketing Kata.ai on 9 June 2021

People have been relying on financial services for decades now, whether for managing day-to-day finances or mapping long-term goals and plans. But with the rise of technology, the digitalization of banking services continues to dominate the industry with more accessible services for customers.

This is supported by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) data, which showed that mobile banking use experienced year-on-year growth of 54.3% in August 2020, with monthly transactions volume reaching 302.6 million.


However, e-banking services’ ease of use does not exactly translate into easier financial management as customers are still required to interpret the insights on their own. This presents room for a more intelligent and assistive solution to change the game.

The next phase of digital banking evolution will be ushered in by artificial intelligence capable of thinking and acting on behalf of the users, removing friction between the customer and their bank. In addition, chatbot-powered conversational banking innovations present a more engaging and personalized experience that, combined with the more intelligent banking, truly offers a seamless experience.

But how exactly do chatbots and artificial intelligence help banks provide more seamless and convenient banking experiences? And how can banks implement these innovations? We have all that you need to know about implementing chatbots for your digital banking services in our “How Chatbots are Transforming Digital Banking” handbook.

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