How Banking Chatbot Become Financial Solution in Ramadan

How Banking Chatbot Become Financial Solution in Ramadan

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Muhammad Sodik
Muhammad Sodik on 31 May 2019

The higher the level of mobility, the more people want flexibility for their necessity. And as technology becomes more involved in our day-to-day lives, it also starts to play a bigger part in religion as well. During the month of Ramadan, technology has become an important role in making sure people follow the essential requirements for Ramadan. Moreover, there is an interesting sight that tells a fascinating story of how technology helps modern-day Muslims in a number of ways. Including helping them transfer THR and pay zakat ahead of Eid al-Fitr.

In Indonesia, giving back and taking care of the less fortunate are heightened especially during Ramadan. This is visible online more than ever before, with search queries for zakat, the yearly obligatory charitable offering, growing 2.6x in Indonesia, with slight differences between the two according to Google.


In Indonesia, Lebaran also has a legally mandated bonus for all employees, known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR for short). That is why, on this special occasion, we discovered that many people were using the transfer feature through their bank account to gift THR and give zakat to a certain organization or neighborhood group.


Chatbot is the new way to transfer and buy groceries during ramadan.

Since all modern-day Muslims utilize technology for their daily lives, your bank and financial services business can tap in with the annual routine of THR and zakat, by adopting a banking chatbot to streamline banking operations and delivering next-generation intelligent customer experiences. This kind of chatbot can act as a personal banker by helping customers transfer funds, add beneficiaries, and perform other common tasks.


The same chatbot can even perform the role of a call center agent by helping answer customer inquiries, finding the nearest branch or ATM, making payments, and checking account balances in a minute into simple conversations or text through chat apps.


Transfer to any banks anytime using banking chatbot.

Chatbot in banking industries enables you to automate the collection of customer feedback and makes it easier for your staff to review the data. It also can help streamline internal operations by improving employee-to-employee communication, gathering insights from different branches, and helping management uncover new ideas and strategies to increase productivity and reduce employee churn.

With banking chatbot solutions, modern-day Muslims can completely fulfill their necessity of paying zakat, transfer THR, or even use bank promo to do shopping ahead of Lebaran. Hence, this chatbot can create personalized and engaging banking experiences for your customers by serving multiple functions, from personal banker to customer service rep and everything in between.

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