7 Advantages of AI-Based Virtual Assistants in the Business World

7 Advantages of AI-Based Virtual Assistants in the Business World

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Marketing Kata.ai on 4 January 2022

The era of increasingly rapid technology in the 21st century makes humans almost entirely 'dependent' on technological devices. If 15 years ago technology, digital tools, and the internet had not become necessities for humans. Human life is increasingly advanced with globalization and this technological era. At the same time, various platforms have emerged that make human life easier, such as social media, applications, websites, and so on. Even today, many IT companies are creating Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Virtual Assistants to help human affairs and lives.


Various human jobs are replaced by bots specially programmed to do multiple jobs. With AI or artificial intelligence, these bots can think like humans. So sophisticated. Uniquely, this AI-based Virtual Assistant is very influential in everyday human life, not least in business matters. If many people worry about losing their jobs because of the presence of AI in business, its company is beneficial. Moreover, AI-based Virtual Assistant can make it easier for business owners to run their businesses. So what are the benefits and advantages of using an AI-based Virtual Assistant for business? Let's look at the following reviews.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

Maybe many of you are still wondering what a Virtual Assistant is? First, you need to know that Virtual Assistant is a profession that someone runs remotely or remotely. In this case, a Virtual Assistant can provide administrative and business services to the company without coming directly to the office. But, of course, it can also offer this service for various other daily activities such as at home or elsewhere.


In essence, a Virtual Assistant can be relied on to help other people's work online. Companies increasingly seek this profession in the business world because it is considered adequate and efficient. Companies no longer need to prepare unique rooms and facilities for Virtual Assistants because they work remotely.

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What is an AI-Based Virtual Assistant?

You already understood the meaning of Virtual Assistant. Next, you also need to understand what an AI-based Virtual Assistant is. As discussed earlier, AI or artificial intelligence is a computer program that is programmed and specifically designed to think like humans. AI is made with unique mechanisms to carry out specific tasks.


An AI-based Virtual Assistant is a computer program or bot that resembles the human mind that an AI-based Virtual Assistant can use to help various jobs remotely. So if Virtual Assistant is a profession that humans do, AI-based Virtual Assistants are different. This profession is not done by humans but by bots or specially designed systems. The transfer of work from humans to bots is considered more practical and cost-effective from a business perspective.


Generally, AI-based Virtual Assistants are used by various companies to help respond and answer questions from customers. AI is equipped with specific systems and keywords to respond to people like ordinary humans. However, AI can also support various other jobs in the business world.


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Advantages of AI-Based Virtual Assistants in Business

Business people welcomed the launch of an AI-based Virtual Assistant by IT companies. Of course, there are many advantages to be gained by using this virtual assistant service. In Indonesia, too, many companies are starting to use AI-based Virtual Assistant assistance to help with work.


So what are the advantages and benefits of using an AI-based Virtual Assistant in business? Here's the explanation.


1. Making Business Runs Easy

With the AI-based Virtual Assistant, you can more easily carry out various business matters. This technology can help respond and communicate with customers and perform other activities. You don't have to bother serving thousands of customers simultaneously because this task can be transferred to an AI-based Virtual Assistant.


2. Practical, Fast, and Responsive

Using an AI-based Virtual Assistant makes your business grow fast. The practicality offered by AI makes your business more responsive in providing services. AI intelligence programmed like humans makes customers comfortable because AI can respond in easy-to-digest language. Many customers don't even know they are talking to a bot.


3. Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

The presence of an AI-based Virtual Assistant focuses on customer satisfaction, not absolute business benefits. So it's not only business owners who benefit, but customers are also satisfied with the services provided by business owners with the help of AI. Therefore, it will affect the company's rating and customer satisfaction surveys in the future.


4. Economical and Efficient

If you use an AI-based Virtual Assistant in your business, work will be much more economical and efficient. AI work can be handled 24/7 and keeps customers from receiving service outside of an office or shop hours. In addition, you don't have to pay employees and their overtime pay even with these benefits. More economical, suitable?


5. Work Systematically

AI-based Virtual Assistant is designed in such a way to resemble human thinking. Armed with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, AI can work very systematically. The bot's brain can think accurately so that various errors can be minimized with the help of AI.


6. Help Growing Business

Don't be surprised if your business will be more developed by utilizing AI. The fast and dynamic way the AI-based Virtual Assistant works will make your business grow. In addition, customers can get to know the breadth of products or services offered with the help of this technology.


7. Unlimited Energy

Relying on humans to go the extra mile has its risks. Under certain conditions, humans can feel very tired. If tired approaches, their performance will decrease, and they will not think logically. This dramatically affects the work he does. Of course, this is different from AI. You can give unlimited orders because of its enormous energy. As long as the right program is installed, it will do the job correctly regardless of time.


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Those are 7 advantages of using an AI-based Virtual Assistant in the business world. If you are interested in using it, you can use the Kata.ai AI-based Virtual Assistant product to help your work anytime and anywhere.

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