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Persona: Bringing Life and Personality to Your Chatbots

Persona: Bringing Life and Personality to Your Chatbots

Lia LestariLia Lestarion January 13, 2019

Like any marketing tool, chatbot is a great opportunity to add value to customer interactions. But, before you design your chatbot, you should first establish your chatbot persona. These persona can be enormously helpful when you’re trying to fine-tune an offer marketing campaign to appeal to your users. In part of branding bots, persona is all the characteristics of your brand and how it’s expressed to chatbot users, it delivers the voice and tone of your interface.



Because chatbot comes in the form of a conversation with the users, it needs to feel like they are talking to a real person. These persona interactions can build a greater sense of connection and loyalty to your brand. Moreover, by creating a rich and detailed personality your chatbot will be more relatable, believable, and relevant to users.

There are several key features that a great chatbot personality should have. For more detail, please check out below.


  • Storytelling

A chatbot needs to have an interesting story. This marks the foundation for your chatbot personality. So, you have to develop your chatbot mannerism, quirks, and personality traits, accordingly. And you have to be highly imaginative when coming up with ideas about your chatbot story. The more consistent your chatbot personality is the more human-like it will appear to be.


  • Build a life story

Create a life story for your chatbot exactly the way a human being life story is. These phase might seem trivia initially, but they will go a long way in building a personality for your chatbot that your users will relate to and feel affection towards. In the end, this thing will translate further into sales, traffic, and brand awareness.


  • Create unique visual

There is no doubt, if  a great chatbot will not only have an outstanding personality but will also have a unique visual identity that your users can instantly relate to. Whether it’s a friendly human (avatar) or it has abstract look, your chatbot appearance is the key to its overall success. When designing your chatbot visual appearance (avatar), you need to keep in mind the way you want your users to feel when engaging with your brand.

Creating these things may not be as easy as it sounds, but it will pay off when you managed to create a chatbot that is as friendly and likeable as it is smart and efficient. When you manage to crack it, you’ll be building a brand ambassador who can consistently convey your message to your users every time they connect.