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Kata.ai x WhatsApp: The Most Popular Messaging App is Now Open for Business & Bots

Kata.ai x WhatsApp: The Most Popular Messaging App is Now Open for Business & Bots

Lia LestariLia Lestarion January 22, 2019

As an Indonesian conversational AI company that provides chatbot services, we are proud to announce that we are trusted by WhatsApp to form an official partnership in offering customer service solution using the WhatsApp platform. With the collaboration between Kata.ai and WhatsApp, now your company can have a WhatsApp account for Enterprise and answer consumer needs faster and more effectively.



Referring to the data from Statista in October 2018, WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging application in the world, with 1.5 billion users, and an average user sends more than 1.200 messages each month. In Indonesia, WhatsApp has 35.8 million active users every month. Based on data from We Are Social as many as 40% of Indonesian respondent choose WhatsApp as the main correspondence application that is used daily. This means one thing: it’s the most popular communication channel in the region and there is simply no excuse for your business to not have a presence in this channel. WhatsApp Enterprise is a great chance for companies to have a direct communication line to the consumer and creating a more personalised customer service strategy.

Through our partnership with Whatsapp, we combined our platform with their robust messaging platform to offer a business solution with the following capabilities:


  • Sending personalized notifications or verification

Start directly sending notification for your customer’s tickets, order confirmation, or even two-factor authentication through WhatsApp.


  • Customer support through Chatbot or Customer Service Agent

All of Kata.ai conversational AI capabilities are ready and linked to WhatsApp, enabling your WhatsApp number to be automatically answered by a chatbot to handle customers complaints, solve customer needs, or other inquiry regarding your products/services. You can also use the same WhatsApp number to be answered by multiple customer service agent.


  • Engage with customers

As your post-sales treatment to build a better relationship between your brand and the customers, with this channel you can monitor customer satisfaction and build better relationships with them.

To assist the company in planning customer service strategy through WhatsApp, we will leverage the power of AI that can provide automatic answers within a predetermined format. AI’s advantage also lies in the flexibility of time, wherein customer service on WhatsApp can be online 24 hours a week without applying limited business hours. In 2018, we already launched a virtual assistant on WhatsApp for one of our clients. This chatbot managed to reduce the workload of the customer service agent by around 80% and has a monthly increase in engagement rate by 33%, proving that the customers are sticking with this channel.

We hope our conversational AI solution through WhatsApp can help more companies to increase their customer satisfaction, simplify their customers’ journey, and making it more efficient and less of hassle. So, it’s time for you to start reaching your customer where they really are with the world’s most popular messaging channel. Click here for more details about our WhatsApp Enterprise solutions.