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How To Build a Winning AI Based Product with Kata.ai

How To Build a Winning AI Based Product with Kata.ai

Muhammad SodikMuhammad Sodikon July 16, 2019

As a conversational AI company that focuses on building a chatbot platform, sharing new ideas and building a robust network with other professionals in the technology industry really matters for Kata.ai. A few weeks ago, for the second time, we participated in Tech in Asia Product Development Conference (PDC) 2019 as one of their sponsors, and some of our expert teams have the opportunity to be speakers at this annual event to talk about our product, technology, and company culture.

As we know, Product Development Conference is one of the great ways and great opportunities to gain a fresh perspective, strategize new ideas, and network with product enthusiasts from the industry along with a few days away from the office. In order to stay relevant and keep up with the latest trends to deliver a world-class product that meets consumer needs.

On the first day of the conference, Head of Product Kata.ai – Gelar Pradipta Utama along with our Senior UI/UX Designer – Tri Kurniawan introduced our new Design Language System (DLS) – Aksara & Wicara at Barito stage, they both shared insights about why Design Language System is important and how it will impact the product design and development process. They also share some tips to build Design Language System in a tech company.

On the second day, our VP of Product and Engineering Kata.ai – Pria Purnama became one of the panelists in “Engineering Culture to Build Winning Product” session at PDC Main stage, along with other speakers from Tokopedia and Moka. At this moment, he shared stories about Kata.ai company culture that always focused on work-life balance, a short brief about our Tech team, and how some perks and benefits of our company encourages engineer productivity and innovation in building products.

Last but not least, Senior Software Engineer Kata.ai – Reyhan Sofian also took part as a speaker at Kapuas stage to share best practices about designing and building artificial intelligence infrastructure. He talked about the essential things when building an artificial intelligence infrastructure to support AI products and workloads, he also shared knowledge regarding how to choose the best compute resources for processing AI data and core parts of preparing AI networking infrastructure that supports efficiency at scale.

But that’s not all, in this event all attendees can also visit our booth to try Kata Platform to create a simple chatbot, ask about Kata.ai job vacancy, and play our Katrivia chatbot games. For those of you who didn’t have time to come to TIA PDC 2019 and visit our booth, please be seated, because we have a video highlight for you.