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How Chatbots Become a Key for Your Business Growth

How Chatbots Become a Key for Your Business Growth

Lia LestariLia Lestarion October 6, 2018

Chatbots are very useful for enterprises, making communication between a brand and customer easier. It’s an ideal solution to revolutionize the way enterprises deal with their customers, building a closer relationship, and gaining customer loyalty.



For example, when brands apply chatbots to refine their customer service, many functions of the overall organization can be improved. It is cost-effective, available 24/7, and it improves customer experience & brand value. In the end, better customer service will have a positive effect on marketing and sales growth.

For more details, here are several solutions of AI and chatbots that could become a key for your business growth in the future.


1.Lead Generation

Among the various functions supported by chatbots, capturing information about the user works to great advantage to both company and the customers. This information is important especially to business sector of the company allowing it to draw public profiles of its customers for use in marketing campaigns.


2.Marketing & Sales

Marketing is the area most contemplated by the tool, meaning a chatbots can be used in campaign and marketing strategies to increase or improve the company’s sales actions. The goal being a focus on customer service arousing the interest of prospective customers, and keeping existing customers actively engaged with the brand and product.


3.Scheduling / Reservations

Customer service can be made more efficient through scheduling and reservations. Chatbots makes it possible to perform these routine activities in a simple and practical way. Services such as dealership, event, hotel, restaurant, transportation, and much more can be easily automated. Besides the easier processing of booking and scheduling queries, the tool makes it easier to integrate those bookings with the company’s internal systems.


4.Request for a Quote

When a chatbot system is fully automated, using the program allows customers easy access to the company’s products or services. Whether the customer is looking for the product’s price, an entire purchase or a quote for a service, working with customer service via a chatbot improves and optimizes the service. As a result, companies can deliver more in less time. Therefore, increased sales means a greater likelihood of increased profit.


5.Qualification of Databases  

Integrated into CRM systems, an integrated customer-focused management system, a chatbot can access basic customer contact information by conducting a dialogue that assists in the qualification of the lead and is helpful at all stage of a sale.


6.Satisfaction Survey

One of the main focus of chatbots in customer service is to create an interaction. It acts as a bridge between customers and brand representation. This channel even can replace the satisfaction surveys, while still obtaining information about how this relation is constructed.


The solutions and uses of chatbots are varied and can be implemented in other situations, depending on the size of your business and your daily needs. Applying this technology will drive your business operation to be more efficient, and creating more approach-ability for customers.

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