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Chatbots for Enhanced Retail Experience

Chatbots for Enhanced Retail Experience

Lia LestariLia Lestarion January 20, 2019

Modern retailers need to catch-up to modern customers who wants real-time access, easy way to find the right products or services, and get the best deal regardless of their location and what device they are using. To do this, they need to maximize their digital and in-store offerings to boost customers loyalty and drive potential audience towards purchase.


As the retail landscape become more complex, chatbots can offer prime opportunity to improve retail experience. Your store can offer 24/7 customer support, customers can search products with ease, track order status, view order history, personalized offers & advertise special promotions, FAQ, and track customer behavior through machine learning.

Here are some insights on how chatbot are being applied in the retail space to deliver a cheaper, smarter, more efficient way of engaging customers.


  • Proactively help, before customers ask

Retail chatbot can allow customers to search for any kind of products by category, price, color, size, etc. This bot also can provide product recommendations based on customers’ preference. Or customers can ask for a particular product, and choose after comparing various products.


  • Seamless live chat

Since chatbot use NLP methods, they can analyze customers questions and deliver a response that meet customers’ needs. And customer can talk to your brand at anytime without leaving their favorite messaging apps like LINE, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.


  • A smoother journey

Buying things with chatbot is simple. Your retail chatbot can help customers with the process of gathering information, such as the item they wish to purchase, payment method they prefer, and how they want it shipped. That is, a two-way interaction between customers and business that feels more like an interaction than a transaction.


  • Less stress

Customers’ needs often arise outside of business hours, so they need a way seek out answers to vital questions at times when customers service are unavailable. Conversational retail offer customers the opportunity to get answers to their needs any time, so they don’t have wait too long.


  • Drive loyalty, sell satisfaction

Customers love personalized experiences, luckily chatbot are a great channel to deliver that. Personalized experience translates into a better engagement with customers, and that is instrumental in driving customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

As we’ve explained, the benefits associated with using chatbots to improve the customer’s retail experience are numerous. Conversational retail has potential to improve several areas of shopping experience. Are you not sure how to choose the right chatbot to power your business? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our experts will help you with the right solutions.